CEO Masato Kotaki

Takima Tech Co., Ltd. is a young company founded in July 2008.
It is the experience in supervision of plant machinery construction and the proposition of an online system designed for the supervision of construction work that was the impetus for its creation.

When the Kyoto protocol became effective and we entered into the enforcement period of the target achievement plan to reduce greenhouse gases, we entered into solar power generation.
By promoting the introduction of renewable energy, including solar, we made our mission to protect the Earth’s environment and leave a beautiful planet for the future generations ahead and made our entry into the solar power industry.

In July 2012, the “Feed-in tariff” made mandatory for electric power generation company to buy the renewable energy according to the offer, and so the installation of solar power equipment suddenly accelerated.
At the same time, as a company that handles sales and design and installation, for both domestic and industrial solar systems, we were able to move forward very quickly.

We were involved from the very beginning with the Japan PV planners’ society (General Incorporated Association) founded in October 2012. Their aim is to develop photovoltaic planners as well as system integrators and to establish healthy market growth in those fields. We serve today on its board of directors.
In addition, as member of the “Energy vision”, a group of trusted sales and manufacturing companies engaged in the production and commercialization of technologies toward all-electric and solar, we strive for advancement across all industries.

In Japan, the liberalization of electricity generation markets began in April 2016 and will be followed by the city gas markets in April 2017.
In this period of rapid changes, Takima Tech Co., Ltd. will stay true to its principles of ingenuity, challenge, and innovation, creating technologies, planning all the way through to construction, making a point of finding new ways to produce energy, enhance storage capabilities, and improving electrical consumption.
Keeping in mind the challenges of globalization, and how to make the best use of the IoT (Internet of Things), we are contributing to build a richer society and to solve envirorunental issues.

Takima Tech Co., Ltd. is eager to discuss any renewable and innovative energy related topic with you.
We will eagerly continue to challenge our creative ability to answer our customers hopes and desires.
Thank you very much.

CEO Masato Kotaki